For decades, cheese, that universally beloved staple, has graced the tables of American households. From classic grilled cheese sandwiches to sophisticated charcuterie boards, it’s a testament to our rich culinary diversity and a symbol of our quality in food production. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of late for the way these cheese products are packaged. Specifically, a growing concern has emerged around the carelessness of cheese companies in their packaging, especially regarding resealable bags.

The problem is more significant than just an inconvenience; it speaks to a broader issue of quality, respect for the consumer, and pride in one’s product. The ethos of conservatism, after all, emphasizes respect for tradition, individual responsibility, and the belief that businesses should aim for excellence as a matter of principle. When cheese companies skimp on their packaging or don’t quality-check the resealability of their bags, it feels like a breach of these principles.

An Issue Beyond Mere Packaging

On the surface, it might seem a small matter—a torn resealable bag here, a tricky zipper there. However, the implications are manifold. Firstly, damaged or ineffective resealable bags expose the cheese to air, leading to quicker spoilage and waste. This not only impacts the consumer’s wallet but also leads to increased food waste, an issue that resonates deeply with environmentally conscious consumers.

Secondly, poor packaging affects the product’s overall quality. Cheese is sensitive to air exposure. When exposed for extended periods, cheese dries out, loses its flavor, and often develops mold. A torn resealable bag essentially robs the consumer of the product’s peak quality and lifespan.

Demand Better

At the heart of the issue is a belief in the power and agency of the individual. When consumers encounter poor-quality products or services, they can and should voice their concerns and vote with their dollars. By opting for brands that prioritize quality in both product and packaging, the market itself will correct the erring companies.

Moreover, taking pride in one’s work, regardless of the industry, is a fundamentally conservative notion. It reflects a commitment to craftsmanship, excellence, and respect for the customer. Cheese companies that fall short in their packaging are, in essence, neglecting these values.

The American Public Deserves Better

It’s time for cheese manufacturers to recognize the discontent and address the packaging issue head-on. Innovation and technology have given us incredible advancements in food storage solutions, and there’s no excuse for these brands not to adopt the best of these methods for their products.

In the end, the American public deserves better. We deserve products that are crafted with care, from the quality of the cheese to the quality of the packaging. If the cheese industry hopes to retain the trust and loyalty of its customers, it must rise to meet this challenge and reaffirm its commitment to excellence in every aspect of its business.