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A young man from Minnesota, Keanu Labatte, is facing serious charges after he allegedly subjected his girlfriend to a horrifying ordeal inside her college dorm room. The victim, a student at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, endured three days of abuse before finally escaping.

Labatte, who had traveled a long way to visit his girlfriend, became very angry when he found messages and pictures on her phone that upset him. He allegedly took her phone away, making it impossible for her to seek help while he mistreated her.

The accusations against Labatte are extremely troubling. It is said that he forced his girlfriend to lie in a bathtub and covered her face with a cloth while pouring water on her, making it hard for her to breathe. He also reportedly threatened her with a knife, frightening her by describing a similar threat he had made to a previous girlfriend.

The victim revealed that Labatte even went as far as looking for a vein on her arm to harm her further, leaving her constantly terrified during this ordeal.

After days of enduring this terrible situation, the victim managed to persuade Labatte to let her go to the cafeteria for food on a Sunday morning. Labatte agreed but insisted that she send him a photo to prove her location. Instead, the brave student immediately sought help from campus security, who noticed bruises on her and called the police.

Labatte was arrested in the dorm room, where authorities found a knife and a damp cloth in the bathroom. The victim explained that Labatte had moved the mattress to the floor to avoid making noise during the assaults.

Labatte, who was already on probation for violating a restraining order from another woman, now faces serious charges, including criminal sexual conduct and domestic assault. If convicted, he could spend a long time in prison.

This distressing incident has raised concerns about how such abuse could go unnoticed for several days within a college dormitory. St. Catherine University declined to comment on the matter, emphasizing the importance of protecting student privacy and the ongoing investigation.